Our panel

Since being founded in 2013 our panel has been growing continually. We now have over 190,000 active participants available for surveys and there are more every day.

  • Germany: 142,000
  • Switzerland (German and French-speaking): 34,000
  • Austria: 14,000

So that our panel continues to grow, we recruit new participants from diverse sources by means of affiliate and search engine marketing and direct partnerships with renowned media partners.

For questions about the EntscheiderClub and specific questions about studies, our personal support for participants is available, answering inquiries by e-mail several times a day.


We employ a user profile to segment our users in detail. This profile makes it possible for us to select participants directly and invite the appropriate ones to take part.

The segmentations we offer include:

  • General criteria
  • Auto & other vehicles
  • B2B
  • Telephone/electronics/media
  • Leisure time & consumption and further 650 criteria more...

More information you find in our panelbook.

Panel quality

In our work we place great value on the quality of our panels and thus on our panel participants. For this reason we employ a series of verification methods to ensure consistent quality. These include filtering out fake and multiple registrations and determining the identity of the individual participants.

  • Automated verification algorithms
  • Manual check of participants
  • Double-opt-in procedure
  • Individual risk score for each participant
  • Consistent invitation behavior
  • Latest technology (Rails/Mongo)

By ensuring the quality of our panels and data, we are able to provide our customers with results of very high quality. We select our participants on the basis of over 1,000 variables, creating the appropriate pool for your survey.

  • Extensive pre-selection
  • Meaningful survey results

Data quality and data protection

Another feature that speaks for the quality of our work: our participants' details are up to date. In order to maintain quality, we make sure profiles are filled out and the details regularly updated. We take particular care with the privacy of our participants. To ensure their data is protected we are accredited to the data authority and work together with an outside data protection officer who is responsible for security and the necessary precautions.

  • Up-to-date profile
  • Secure and certified data protection

Furthermore we meet the strict demands of the international standard ISO 26362 "Access panels in market, opinion and social research - Vocabulary and service requirements".