Our partners - overview

The Austrian Gallup Institut and Institut für Motivforschung

The Austrian Gallup Institute was founded in 1949 as the first Austrian market and opinion research institute. The Institut für Motivforschung is the largest qualitative market research institute in Austria. Founded in 1967, it specializes in the areas of brand consulting, strategy development, and communications analysis. In addition to qualitative and quantitative methods, Gallup and the Institut für Motivforschung are constantly offering new procedures e.g. live testing and trees of values. Through the jointly operated panel we have access to 5,000 participants from Austria.


IP Deutschland

As the marketing arm of media group RTL Deutschland, IP Deutschland is one of the leading marketing companies in Europe. The TV stations RTL, VOX, SUPER RTL, n-tv and RTL NITRO, along with their online, mobile, and smart TV offerings belong to its portfolio. In addition, IP Deutschland does marketing for outside clients with a focus on video in the online, mobile, and smart TV segment. Under the term "FOURSCREEN", IP Deutschland offers advertising clients media solutions and reach on all kinds of screens – TV, PC, tablet und smartphone.



NetDoktor.de is one of the largest health portals in Germany with one of the highest number of visitors. Since 1999 it has provided information on diseases, symptoms, studies, and medication. Medical journalists and doctors ensure high quality and the topicality of contributions. We are setting up a new patient panel with 5,000 participants jointly with NetDoktor.de.



 The SPIEGEL group is one of the leading media companies shaping the media landscape in Germany. SPIEGEL, SPIEGEL ONLINE and SPIEGEL TV have been at the forefront of the print, online and TV worlds for years. We have taken over the existing SPIEGEL panel exclusively and continued it under the joint name SPIEGEL-Panel. In addition, recruiting for entscheiderclub.de is carried out online and offline over SPIEGEL media.
We have exclusive access to 15,000 participants from SPIEGEL-Panel.



Wakoopa is a Dutch software company that makes passive tracking solutions for market research. This passive measurement software captures the entire digital footprint of participants. This includes information about internet sites visited, advertising banners and pre-rolls displayed, search terms and mobile apps used, and much more. The insights gained in this way provide a detailed picture of the internet use behavior of consumers.

This expertise is combined in the joint tracking panel by the name of “TrailSpot“ over which 15,000 stationary participants (PC and Mac) and 5,000 mobile participants (smartphone and table) in Germany are to be reached by June 2015.