We supply findings that point the way

Our products - We provide you with the right method

For every test and every survey we provide the appropriate data collection method so that you get results that are meaningful to you. Not only can you use our panel for online surveys but also for other qualitative online and offline market research.

We offer you:

  • Standard online surveys
  • Mobile online surveys
  • Download studies (passive data measurement on PC or mobile device)
  • Product tests
  • Website testing
  • Mobile-app testing
  • Online dairies
  • Webcam-/ video surveys
  • Group discussions (online or on site), tastings
  • Telephone interviews
  • Face-to-face interviews
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Task-based market research
  • And much more

We look forward to your inquiry: rfq@gapfish.com !

 More information you find on our download-site.