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  • Oliver Weyergraf
    Oliver Weyergraf Founder and CEO
  • Malte Freksa
    Malte Freksa Director Business Development Mobile & Data
  • Pavle Pocrnja
    Pavle Pocrnja Director Business Development & Sales
  • Daniel Strobel
    Daniel Strobel Key Account Director
  • Philipp Rosenbeck
    Philipp Rosenbeck Director Product Management
  • Franziska Krohn
    Franziska Krohn Key Account Manager
  • Marie Kuhn
    Marie Kuhn Junior Quotation Manager
  • Philipp Schöngarth
    Philipp Schöngarth Operations Manager
  • Marta Bojkovska-Langer
    Marta Bojkovska-Langer Project Manager
  • Jana Hößler
    Jana Hößler Project Manager
  • Daniel Hilzendegen
    Daniel Hilzendegen Project Manager
  • Nina Charifzadeh
    Nina Charifzadeh Director Marketing
  • Tanja Merory
    Tanja Merory Marketing Manager
  • Regula Anhuth
    Regula Anhuth Manager Customer Support
  • Rahel Bonhommet
    Rahel Bonhommet Team Assistant & Office Manager
  • Ricarda Lebing-Assaad
    Ricarda Lebing-Assaad Accountant
  • Robert Aschenbrenner
    Robert Aschenbrenner Full-Stack Developer
  • Sebastian Schasse
    Sebastian Schasse Junior Backend Developer
  • Thomas Peikert
    Thomas Peikert Junior Full-Stack Developer